Design & Manufacturing Engineers for Convoluted & Welded Metal Bellows
Bellow Weld (Pty) Ltd
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Bellow Weld (Pty) Ltd manufactures all types of Bellows/Expansion Joints/ Compensators. Namely, Hydroformed Bellows, Rolled Bellows, Spun or Knuckled Bellows, Welded Metal Bellows and Punch Formed Bellows.

Bellow Weld (Pty) Ltd was registered in 1989 with the initial intention of specialising in the design and manufacture of welded metal bellows. With the experience gained in welding thin gauge stainless steel it was the logical step to expand into other fields of where thin gauge welding was required.

Bellow Weld (Pty) Ltd has grown in the last 20 years into a company that is customer orientated and service is of utmost importance.

Bellow Weld (Pty) Ltd manufactures all sizes and types of bellows, from as small as 18mm to 6m in diameter, using single or multi-ply configurations in all grades of stainless steel.

All bellows are designed and calculated with the latest code of EJMA 9, with all welding conforming to the ASME IX code.

We are situated in the Randvaal Area, which is between Alberton and Vereeniging, just off the R59.

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